Todays top scores

Top scores this month
1. Paul R, Auckland Nz 339 11/17/2017
2. Strom01, Chodov 303 11/17/2017
3. Strom01, Chodov 300 11/17/2017

The highest scores ever
1. Panzer, Rome, Italy   370 02/27/2014
2. Jösses, Persläpi Finland 368 12/05/2009
3. Panzer, Rome, Italy 367 02/25/2014
4. Panzer, Rome, Italy   366 02/24/2014
5. Panzer, Rome, Italy 363 03/20/2014
Panzer, Rome, Italy 363 05/18/2014
7. Plum, Beograd 361 02/26/2014
8. Panzer, Rome, Italy 359 07/20/2014
9. Raybourne, Uvalde, Texas 357 04/27/2010
Pete, Kidderminster 357 07/07/2011

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1. Click "Roll dice" to roll the dice.

2. Lock the dice that you want to keep by clicking on them.

3. Click "Roll dice" again (up to 3 times).

4. Register your score by clicking in the scoring grid.

5. When you have filled out the whole scoring grid, a score and a code will appear below the dice. Enter the score and code manually into the boxes below this text, or click Get Code to retrieve them automatically. Then enter your name and city, and click Submit

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