Todays top scores

Top scores this month
1. Test, Test 258 08/01/2021
2. Aug Test, Test 227 08/02/2021

The highest scores ever
1. Mr Plop, North Pole, Santa's Workshop   1575 10/08/2012
I Cheated, Whatever 1575 01/29/2013
3. Shelle, Roselle, Il 956 08/13/2008
4. Alex, Green   852 03/08/2011
5. Poooch, Detroit 839 09/26/2012
6. Ryan, Ashburnham 838 08/17/2005
7. Phil Hagen, Eugene, Or 832 03/18/2010
8. Steven, Minnetonka, Mn   831 07/27/2008
9. Swampman, Harley Ontario Canada 830 10/01/2006
10. Ellen, New York 828 08/06/2012

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