Frequently Asked Questions About The Free Dice Games

Is there a prize for the winner?
No, there is not, except for the honor!.

In what time zone is the server located?
In Sweden (GMT+1)

I can't see the game, only a small red cross!
You probably need to install Java on your computer. Click here to install it.

I'm trying to enter a new result, but get the message that it is a duplicate?
You can only enter the same score once from the same IP address in the same contest, unfortunately.

What kind of name should I enter in the "name" field?
Use your own name, or a nick name. If you use your own name, be aware that it might get indexed by Google. If you use a nickname, I recommend using a unique one. Use, for example, John99 instead of just John. If many people use the same nickname, their highscore lists will be mixed up!

I want to compete with my friends! Can we get our own highscore list?
Yes. As you can see, a new high score list is created automatically for each city. If you and your friends decide on a "group name", you can all enter this instead of your city name in the "city" field whenever you enter a result. You will automatically get your own high score list for your group, which you can display by clicking the group name in the score list!

What do I write in the Comment field?
A comment to your score, or just a greeting to the other players

Why is there an exclamation mark after some names?
If you let your mouse cursor hover over an exclamation mark, you can see the comment that the other player has made

Why is there a red star in front of some names?
This means that the score is new, i.e. was entered today.

I have some question that was not answered here...
For more support, email marianne [at]

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